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Mar 27, 2018

Ok good people, this will be short and sweet. The NCAA Tournament is the most exciting time of the Sports Year to me. Viewers get the opportunity to see countless kids living their dream of playing on
Jan 7, 2018

Breaking News: Man, I tell you this is really unfortunate on so many levels. ESPN reportedly fired Donovan McNabb and Eric Davis on Friday after they were accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit
Nov 20, 2017

Growing up in the early 80’s as a kid I was obsessed with professional wrestling. Me and my friends made championship belts out of cardboard boxes and held matches. Before Michael Jordan was a lot of
Aug 29, 2017

Life is a blessing when you’re afforded the luxury of being paid for doing what you truly love for a living. In Sports, many of the greatest athletes were born with physical attributes that supersede
Aug 4, 2017

I posted this last year, and thanks to Dee Todd for reposting...some modifications but you will get the message... Dear parents living the saturated AAU basketball dream!!!!!!...There are over 850,000
Apr 24, 2017

Well, lets see. Tiger is the most decorated goler of this era. Not only was he a great player but he also transended the game of golf. He not only uplifted the black community in the game of golf but
Apr 12, 2017

Is it time for us to crown Tom Brady as the Greatest QB ever? At this point in Brady’s career his resume can stand next to EVERY great QB, even Joe Montana. The consistency of excellence has lasted
Feb 12, 2018

Today is February 11, 2018 & I just finished watching the CAVS destroy Kyrie Irving and the Boston Celtics. On my timeline (Facebook and Twitter), I noticed a lot o negative comments in regard to LeBr
Dec 21, 2017

Lavar Ball is at it gain my people. I tell you, with Lava Ball you never know what to expect. That's probably his biggest gift and curse. At any rate, he has announced that he is founding the Junior B
Sep 22, 2017

Here are a few thoughts in regard to Andre Ward retiring from Boxing .
Aug 17, 2017

Well, let's keep this one short and sweet. The rumor is Lebron James plans to leave Cleveland after next season. We already know Kyrie is going to leave whether it's by a trade or when his contract en
Jun 11, 2017

As the NBA Draft Approaches, I would like to dissect what it truly means to be a “Top 5 Draft Pick”and how this terminology can have fans brainwashed. Let’s start with the fact that The NBA lottery is
Apr 23, 2017

Ok, I have a few quick thoughts about The Knicks and their contribution to the NBA. I wish people would stop calling Madison Square Garden “The Mecca” of Basketball. I will waste no time in saying The
Mar 28, 2017

Over the past few weeks, UCLA's standout guard Lonzo Ball's father LaVar Ball has caught some heat. LaVar has been in the media giving his son high praise to a fault by many viewers. LaVar raised some
Feb 6, 2018

In the history of Boxing, there have been greats who specialized in knocking opponents out and greats who specialized in the "Sweet Science" of the Sport. Over the past hundred years, fans witnessed J
Nov 28, 2017

If you know me you know I don't write for "Shock Value" or to get clicks on my website. I actually write what I truly believe. When it comes to History, Politics, Religion, Music and Sports, I try to
Sep 1, 2017

Today LaMelo Ball becomes the first High School Basketball Player with his own signature shoe. I would like for you to read the first sentence one more time. Today is historic on so many levels. The B
Aug 12, 2017

A few weeks ago during the NBA Summer League (The best one in YEARS) I had the pleasure of watching Dennis Smith Jr. perform. You see, I’ve seen DSJ play since he was about 13-14 years old. During
May 9, 2017

I'm a huge John Wall (NC Native) fan & plan on writing a nice blog on DA Dome about him in the near future. John Wall is one of the few NBA Stars who actually got better after he signed a huge contr
Apr 15, 2017

Artwork by David Gaines "I was inspired to create this piece of artwork based upon the fact that I am a huge fan of college football and feel as if I can see the burning desire to win, within certain
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