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The People vs. Nipsey Hussle: Thunderstorms

One of the beautiful treasures in life is taking a moment on any given night to gaze and embrace outer space. The stars illuminate dark skies, enhancing our very existence. In life, there is a time to rejoice, cry, pray and reflect on all things provided by the Universe. As I stare at this blank document contemplating words that best describe an emptiness within my soul, I hold on to the belief that there is joy in the morning. Tonight, I sit here almost speechless, knowing that another Black Man will be killed somewhere on these tainted, slave burial grounds by another Black Man, before I wake. I take no pride in this reality.

“Most of the time, when it rains, it starts pouring… but how we grind it make the weather change for us.” – Nipsey Hussle

Growing up my Grandmother use to echo these sentiments on a regular basis. She would always say “I tell you, when it rains, it pours”. Nipsey Hussle reminded me of my childhood on the song “The Weather”, with that line. You see, for our community that generally was the feeling of someone going through trials and tribulations. On March 31, 2019 Nipsey Hussle was murdered in the same neighborhood where he was raised. Nipsey was murdered on the same block where he once participated in Gang Activity as a youth. Nipsey was murdered in the same area where he purchased real-estate, created businesses, jobs and opportunity for individuals raised on the same streets. Nipsey Hussle died in the very place where he was making a difference in the lives of so many people at home, in South Central Los Angeles.

“Young nigga use to shop at Ross, first to shoot when it’s popping off. Couple of times a nigga almost got popped by Ross.” – Nipsey Hussle

Humans are complicated which is why the subject of psychology is fascinating. We all adapt to our environment and survival of the most fit is a reality. We all fight an internal battle with God vs The Devil in an “Energy” type of way. Each one of us made mistakes and have been granted mercy. Nipsey Hussle was complicated as well. There are times some of his lyrics talked about his younger days in the Rolling 60’s (Crenshaw Crip Affiliation) and behavior that manifested. America is a melting pot and I will not turn my cheek to what Systematic Racism did to our community. It would be irresponsible for anyone to overlook what Slavery, Reconstruction, Black Codes, Jim Crow, Housing Discrimination (created the Ghetto), Segregation, Crack and of course the 80’s Drug Laws that followed. The African American Community struck back with Black Wall Street (various), Rosewood, Detroit, Durham, Tulsa, Harlem Renaissance, The Black Panthers and the complicated origins of the Bloods and Crips. We are the children of America.

“I want to build a bridge between our inner city and Silicone Valley.” – Nipsey Hussle

Growth can be such lovely thing. There is nothing better than to be enlightened. At some point Nipsey Hussle visited his father’s birthplace Eritrea (State of Eritrea), which is a country in Africa that borders Sudan and Ethiopia. In various interviews he talked about how the trip changed his life and perspective. You see, people can change. Unfortunately, all people do not change which is the gift and curse to an individual who desires to make a difference on the grounds he helped taint. The “Keep It Real” mentality is complicated to say the least. American History created division through poverty, drugs, lack of education and lack of opportunity. Nipsey came back “Home” and starting doing what a lot of rich Black Entertainers, Celebrities, Athletes and Rappers SAID they were going to do. Enhancing your old neighborhood is a noble gesture, but it can be a dangerous one as well. This is more than likely an internal conflict successful people face because of vultures. Vultures are always lurking. Vultures see your progression and get jealous. Vultures have a lot of hate in their hearts. Vultures are in every community. Vultures are intimidated by your success. Nipsey and his family hired Black People to work in Businesses he developed. Nipsey took gang members who were selling drugs and gave them legit jobs. Nipsey was also a very good MC/Rapper and worked hard on his craft. Nipsey had 5 projects, Grammy Nominated Album, worked with major stars, and in 2013 Jay-Z purchased 100 copies of Nipsey’s CRENSHAW (mixtape) at $100.00 each on his own Record Label. Nipsey financed a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Program for youth in South Central LA. With all of these projects going on, a Vulture silenced a potentially GREAT man over what friends have reported to be a disagreement.

“Reporting live from the land of the hopeless” – Cuzzy Capone

No, I will not mention the individual’s name who murdered Nipsey Hussle in this Article. I despise negative energy. I despise negative people who will take a life because they aren’t happy with the decisions they made. I despise people who use their situation to justify harming another person. I also despise what the Bloods and Crips became. I despise Gang Culture which means my frustration is also with America. That being said, as a Black Man (African American…whatever comforts you) we can not afford to keep this behavior alive. Nipsey and Roc Nation was set to meet with LAPD the day after he was murdered to discuss gang violence in LA. Nipsey wanted change. Several neighborhoods of Bloods and Crips met this week in peace for Nipsey and took a picture in solidarity. This is a great start but a nationwide truce needs to happen if you really want to honor Nipsey and every leader that came before him. It’s time my brothers and sisters. How many more of us must die? Nipsey left a family behind just like 1000’s of Families that suffered from Gang Violence since its inception. We have a Generational Curse that we have to battle and destroy from the roots. There is a storm in the Black Community and I'm tired of getting wet. I’m sick of saying Rest in Peace. I will be perfectly honest and say this is one of the few times someone I didn’t personally know died where I felt pain. I guess it’s only right to say goodnight to the entrepreneur, activist, and rapper Nipsey Hussle. I mean, this situation hurt my feelings but in reality, another Black Man will suffer an avoidable and unnecessary death tonight.

“When I die put me next to the dead poets, tell em God had a plan for me and I didn’t know it.” – Cuzzy Capone

Peace: T-Hanes


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* image from Fox News, Complex and TMZ*

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