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Muhammad Ali – How to Maximize a LIFE

I’m sure most people walking this earth could only dream of having an existence so fulfilling as Ali. Talk about maximizing your time and life. There have been plenty books, documentaries, articles and a movie on the life of Muhammad Ali. That said, it is impossible for me to say something about his life that you don’t already know. So, what’s the point of this blog? Ali’s life in my opinion can be used as a case study in regard to getting the most out of every breath.

By the time Ali was 22 years of age, he was already a World Champion in Boxing, a Civil Right’s Figure, a Religious Figure, and a young man who knew who he was. In the middle of one of the nation’s ugliest eras, Ali was always seen with his head held high. Man, to look at his life and think about my maturity at 22 years old, wow. I had just graduated from college and was trying to find a job, hopefully in route of landing a career. This was the story for millions of us. Ali already had the responsibility to inspire the Black Community on his back.

The reason why Ali’s life is relevant to our current youth and future generations is the confidence he displayed. Ali would say “I’m pretty, I’m beautiful and I’m intelligent” in front of White America with no shame or fear. Ali loved his blackness and let anyone who was willing to listen to him hear it. Ali didn’t waste time. Whenever I talk to young people I always tell them to never waste time. I try to encourage them to make every day in their life count and mean something. I not only got this from seeing my Grandfather and Father but also being a young kid seeing Ali on TV and later seeing Ali on recordings.

We always encourage others to follow the dreams, passion and goals that truly fulfill them emotionally. Ali lived what I call a “Complete Life” with nothing else to give. When Ali had his platform I believe he said everything he could possibly say. I don’t believe Ali left anything on the table in his life. He wanted to become a boxer and he became a Champion. He wanted to follow the Nation of Islam and became an amazing asset to their movement. Ali wanted to inspire others and he did so all over the globe. People from various cultural backgrounds admire him, even some that didn’t agree with all of his philosophies.

So, where does this leave us? Well, are you maximizing your life? Are you maximizing the time you have with your loved ones? Do you support those that support you? Ali shared his vision, hopes, dreams and everything in between until he verbally couldn’t do so anymore due to his illness. Life has no timetable, which means we all have an expiration date. I would like my love ones that would be left behind to say, “Tony lived a complete life and we appreciate the time spent with him”. I don’t want to leave anything in life on the table. Even in my early 40’s I’m still following dreams as you read this blog from a website I created just 30 days ago. We have an opportunity to get everything we can out of each breath so when the party is over, others can celebrate our existence.


The artist who provided the picture, David Gaines wrote his inspiration for the piece below.

“Ali - What Inspired me to create this piece of work, was I actually watched an entire documentary on the "Rumble in the Jungle" when he fought Foreman. It was a powerful thing that Ali's conviction and belief of himself radiated through a nation, and placed a country on his back, amassing thousands of followers....without the use of social media outlets we now have today. He was an embodiment of what an African King is/was suppose to be and carried that persona everywhere he went, but the only difference is that he just so happen to be living in America.”

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