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Donald Trump: The Mad King #GameOfThrones

America is one of the most complicated nations on this Earth and possibly ever. Our history has been told by various explorers, conquerors, and documented religiously. The reality is America is a “Melting Pot”, comprised of several races and cultures making our existence complex. Depending on whom you ask or what book you read, the very nature of how this land was inhabited is told from multiple perspectives. We know Native Americans were here before the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade(s). We know European settlers encountered Native Americans before Slavery existed. Well, this is what we’ve learned in our education system. Other researchers have debated that The Americas were inhabited by Asians, Africans and other individuals from different corners of the globe before Native Americans. The reality is nobody truly knows. In geology, Scientist often talk about Pangaea and the Supercontinent that broke up millions of years ago. Of course there are seven now and here we are, existing on what one would consider stolen land affectionately known as The United States of America.

In the path to becoming a World Power, adversaries must be defeated. War is imminent and necessary. Make no mistake about it, America is a vicious nation and has been since its Independence from Great Britain, its inception. Even our coveted Star Spangled Banner, written by Frances Scott Key was inspired by The War of 1812. I’m not sure how many Americans have truly listened to the words or read the final three verses. Our National Anthems has a rather interesting line omitted from the version we sing daily at events that states “No refuge could save the hireling and slave---From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave”, but I digress. Anyway, we are World Dictators and have been since World War II. Prior to the second Great War, we raised havoc in North America. European Settlers conquered territories that were already inhabited. As we revisit World War II, we’re still the only nation to utilize an Atomic Bomb killing hundreds of thousands and medically affecting millions. Yes, I’m aware of Pearl Harbor. At any rate, American Presidents are like King Aerys II Targaryen aka The MAD KING on the Fantasy hit TV Series The Game of Thrones. We always look to conquer The Seven Kingdoms. (7 Continents)

Donald Trump is the latest installment and he appears to fit the personality of The Mad King on so many levels. In the story behind Targaryen, the power he obtained started to drive him mad. Targaryen was known for his erratic behavior and appeared to lack trust and faith in others. On a quick side note, Andrew Jackson reminds me of The Mad King as well after studying his personality, words, and actions over 20 years ago. To be perfectly honest, when Trump became President, I immediately thought about Andrew Jackson. The Mad King was not known for his valor or honor. Does this sound familiar so far? A Civil War took place in the House of Targaryen as a result of the way he ruled. Over the past 9 months, the tension revolving around RACE, borders, foreign affairs and political rhetoric is embarrassing. We’ve seen a rise in White Nationalist who believe their country is being taken from them. I know, this is comical. We’ve seen the Klu Klux Klan, a known historical terrorist group become more vocal again. The fact that the KKK can legally assemble and aren’t federally viewed as a Terrorist Group is amazing. President Trump’s energy is negative and I personally believe that his campaign started to ignite the racial tension we're currently seeing.

As we come full circle, The House of Targaryen was about keeping their bloodline pure. When a sitting Commander In Chief call individuals who march with NAZI signs “Fine People”, I often wonder if his true character coincide with this mentality. You either totally denounce evil, or you support it. You can’t have it both ways. There is currently a Civil War from a psychological perspective going on in the United States. I believe the worst in people are being manifested. I believe people are almost forced to pick sides down racial, cultural and religious lines. Have these issues always been in America? Yes, of course Trump is not held responsible for the history of this nation. What he should be held responsible for is igniting a very dangerous attitude that is causing great damage to this nation. I have yet to see a positive speech that our nation as a whole can gravitate to in solidarity. The Mad King was confident that everyone was his enemy. Trump to me is like The Mad King and of course he loves the thought of a “WALL.”

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