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K. Sparks: Urban Couture – Album Review by Tony Hanes, DA DOME

In all my years listening to Hip Hop I’ve always found comfort in discovering slept on talent. I must admit, K. Sparks was not on my radar. Yes, I almost feel ashamed because this guys is a very dope MC. K. Sparks is one of those rare and gifted MC’s that has an incredible flow (several), dope voice, passion, versatility in his subject matter and an impeccable ear for beats. One might ask why isn’t he more famous by now being that he’s released music for over a decade. Well, in this microwave society it’s cool observing an artist who has taken time to perfect the craft of rhyming. Being an impressive artist takes preparation and of course skills. After several impressive projects released in the past, his latest opus Urban Couture will surely increase his fan base even more.

After a few intense spins, Urban Couture has marinated deep into my consciousness. The album starts with the incredible track “Flipside.” The mood, tone and stage are set perfectly for the story of K. Sparks. The open verse starts with the words “It’s like Magic when I flow” and I was immediately sucked into the rhyme and amazing jazz influenced production. The horns take the production of this track to the next level. It has a Pete Rock feel and that