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Hall & Oates: The Dudes We All Like #Concert

A few years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Hall and Oates in concert. One day I received a text from my friend Luke Wallace. The text read “Your boys are going to be at the Greensboro Coliseum next Tuesday.” I was like “Who, A Tribe Called Quest or NAS?” Luke was like “Nah man, Hall and Oates and I have a ticket for you if you trying to go.” Luke had been working at the Coliseum on the side since we were in College. Of course I was elated and at the time I was single and living alone in Burlington. I didn’t have much to do and this is especially the case on a Tuesday night. It’s funny that Luke remembered me talking about these dudes over the duration of our friendship that started at UNC-Greensboro in 1994. As for the concert, I wasn’t going to miss it! With that being said, let’s take a trip down memory lane and my introduction to this legendary group. Let’s find out why Luke sent me the text message that would lead to me seeing one of my Top 5 favorite musical acts.

Back in the early 1980’s before BET really took off I had to watch MTV and VH1. BET actually started around the same time as the other two stations but they weren’t playing music videos on the same level as MTV. MTV pretty much owned the music video industry at the time. MTV was also notorious for not highlighting and showcasing a lot of Black Artist. If you weren’t Michael Jackson or Prince after Purple Rain, you were getting minimal airplay. During this time period I was living with my Grandparents so of course we listened to Motown Artist, various artists from our culture and a new genre affectionately called RAP MUSIC. Rap Music was said to be a “FAD” that would eventually disappear. Boy were the critics wrong, but I digress. I was intrigued by all types of music from as early as I can remember. My brother is 7 years older than me so I would wait until he left the house with his friends to dabble in his music collection. Ok, allow me to get back on track. One day I was watching MTV and the video for “Out Of Touch” was playing. I had never heard of Hall and Oates before but I immediately fell in love with the song. I was literally like 10 years old, no lie. A few years later, I would be introduced to another track from the duo that I liked even better. The track was called “I Can’t Go For That.” It was actually released before "Out Of Touch" but I had not heard it. Ironically, the first Rap Album that I purchased with my own money was De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising and the song “Say No Go” sampled “I Can’t Go For That.” When I heard the song I was like “Wow this sounds familiar!”

By 1990, I was in High School and if you know me you know I lived at the Record Store. You also know that I made tapes all the time in my bedroom and didn’t like to be disturbed when I was making my tapes. If any of my cousins are reading this blog they remember this clearly. As for Hall and Oates, they became one of my favorite groups before I was a teen in the mid 80’s and they remain one of my favorite groups almost 3 decades later. Hall and Oates had their own style and sound. You know a Hall and Oates song immediately. I still listen to their Greatest Hits album often. Not to sound corny but Hall and Oates music take me back to much simpler times when life wasn’t so complicated. Hall and Oates music remind me of the childhood years that you can never get back. As a poet, I listen to lyrics and trust me; Hall and Oates are lyrically underrated. Their music brings so many emotions. They have inspirational tracks, love ballads, Blues, more rock influenced jams and just some overall great joints. Hall and Oates have the perfect blend and chemistry. Their sound never sounded forced. As I drove to the Coliseum I knew I had to be on time to meet Luke to pick up my tickets. If you know Luke, he HATES for people to be late for anything. In college Luke would leave you before you made him late to parties or anywhere for that matter. I was talking to Shawna on the phone who was not my Wife or Date at the time. We had just met a few weeks before the concert. She was like “Oh, you like them for real don’t you?” She would find out just how much in the years to come taking road trips with me.

When I arrived and found my seat, the excitement was amazing. I had a cold beer and was not too far from the stage. A local act was finishing up. The crowd cheered as the local act finished and for the next 15 minutes or so it was quiet with anticipation. I was in my own little world. The next thing you heard was the music to “Maneater” and the crowd went absolutely nuts! Luke told me that this was one of the biggest crowds he had ever seen for a weekday concert. On a side note, I was definitely the only “black dude” around from what I could tell…lol. At any rate, they ran through several classics before they took a break. During the break Hall and Oates talked about meeting as teens in the late 60’s. At the time they were in two different bands/groups. They would eventually link together and the rest is history, millions of records sold, world tours and hall of fame careers after paying their dues. One thing you might not know is they both play multiple instruments. I had no idea and they showcased this talent during the concert. They also sound just like the records live. They sound amazing in their late 60’s. My expectation were exceeded to say the least. You can also go on Youtube and watch Live At Daryl’s House. You can see Hall perform some of their classics with artist young and old from different genres of music. I've seen a lot of artist live in my life and this concert is still one of my personal favorites. I appreciate and respect the genius of Hall and Oates. These guys are the epitome of rock n roll and rhythm and blues. Their legacy will live on for generations to come. Hall and Oates will forever be the dudes we all like.



Say It Isn't So

One On One


Out Of Touch

I Can't Go For That

Private Eyes

You Make My Dreams

Sara Smile

Rich Girl

You Got That Loving Feeling

Method Of Modern Love

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Say it Isn't So

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