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OJ Simpson: The Frustrated Negro

In America, economics can provide a person with a false sense of reality. A false sense of self. Money matters in our society and you would have to be daydreaming not to realize our "capitalist" society. I totally understand the many layers of what financial stability can do for a person, family and community. There are definitely and obviously advantages to having monetary accessibility. With that being said, green pieces of paper with images of racist dead presidents shouldn’t make you blind or delusional either. I believe economics has made many of us throughout this nation and over the years paint reality with a broken brush. OJ Simpson is the “Poster BOY” for what Black People call a “Sell Out” but I simply look at him as a frustrated negro.

I know what you’re thinking right now. What does frustrated negro mean? How is OJ Simpson a frustrated Negro? We will discuss OJ Simpson but we will also look at the “Mentality” of individuals such as Simpson. Privilege and access can cloud even the most stable minded people at times. You have to pinch yourself to make sure you don’t lose yourself. The history of the United States has always been about the rich and the poor with race being a driven factor federally. Many of us in the middle are generally crushed and squeezed by laws, polices and taxes, crossing all racial lines but I digress. Doors open for the wealthy. Not all doors but more doors than your average person can afford. When a black person (African American – whatever name you personally prefer) reach a certain social status, the powers that be generally grant a little more favor. You are often viewed as a little more than just a black person. This treatment has put some black people over the last few decades in some very compromising positions.

When looking at the life of OJ Simpson, he is a Case Study on how a black person can totally become ignorant to the realities of the establishment. Your celebrity status, economic status and occupation will never hide the fact that you are BLACK. People hate to talk about race because the foundation of this nation is built on unjust circumstances, therefore race is often very uncomfortable to discuss. To be frank, American History is ugly. We have immortalized a false narrative in regard to the creation of this Constitution and the “Equality” of man. The Black Experience is a struggle. The Black Experience has endured hundreds of years of Systematic Racism (Slavery, Black Codes, Jim Crow, Reconstruction, Drug Laws and Corporate Racism) and for many of us, feeling appreciated by non blacks has become a sign of achievement. When OJ Simpson said he wasn’t black, that he was simply OJ, this was the perfect example of a person who had lost a sense of reality. Ironically, this statement wasn’t made while he was still married to his first wife. No OJ, you are BLACK whether you like it or not. You will never be bigger than your race. You will never be more important than your race. You will never be bigger than your culture. No gated community can cleanse you of your blackness. This also stands true to any black person reading this article at the present time. Other races embrace their race regardless of their position in their race. Look at the Political scene during voting season to get what I'm saying here.

Let me be clear, I have friends and associates from various racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. I’m proud to live with such a diverse existence. We should all experience the company of “Good People”, regardless of their skin tone. My personal story is one that many of us share. I grew up with my Grandparents in a lower class Black Community and then obtained my education at a predominately white university, interesting to say the least. I grew up around drug dealers and studied in college with kids who didn’t look like me. I still have contact with people from college from different backgrounds. I can also go back to the side of town I grew up on and have great conversations with childhood friends and associates. This is called never losing your sense of self. I currently reside in a neighborhood that is nothing like where I was raised. What does this mean? Well, it simply means I’m doing a little better than my Grandparents but I’m no better than them. I don’t work any harder than how I saw my Grandfather work or my Dad. At times, life is about circumstances. At times we get lucky, fortunate, blessed or whatever word comfort you. At times we simply work hard, dream, and do whatever it takes to accomplish goals that have financial rewards. If you make it to the top of the mountain, there are different ways you can look down on others. You can look down and reach for others and assist them in their climb. I’m talking about those who are trying to climb. For any Black Person to look down the mountain and see our people with disgust is truly unfortunate. OJ Simpson reminds me of this type of arrogance. At 70 years of age, do you remember a single time in his life where he made a conscious statement about Black People and The Black Experience?

I remember watching one of the several documentaries made about OJ Simpson. On the ESPN production there was a segment that revolved around the 60’s (1967 to be exact) and the Muhammad Ali drama in regard to the Vietnam War. The most prominent Black Athletes at the time (Jim Brown, Kareem Adul Jabbar, Bill Russell and several others) held a press conference and supported Ali in talking about the racial inequalities in America and Ali’s decision not to take part in the War as an Army Soldier. When asked about his thoughts on the situation while at USC, OJ Simpson stayed neutral. OJ Simpson has remained neutral in regard to embracing blackness every since he came into stardom. Well, his attitude appeared to change as he got more and more engulfed with Hollywood. We have to remember, ALI wasn’t loved until be was older and sick. His outspokenness was not popular in the 60’s and 70’s. Ali didn’t care if non blacks liked him. OJ Simpson always seemed to care that he was accepted. When you fast forward to 1994 when he was arrested for the murder of his former wife and her friend, OJ got a taste of American History from its most brutal companion, RACE.

Even though OJ Simpson had remained quiet over the years when injustice struck the Black Community, Black People for the most part embraced him during the Murder Trial. Black People supported his innocence and vilified the LAPD for its historical corruptness. When Simpson was released, the black community embraced him. The racial lines in American hadn’t been as divided since the Civil Rights Era. Leading up to the Trial OJ couldn’t believe how so many non blacks that he considered friends turned on him. Well, given the circumstances he should have been prepared for some obvious backlash. OJ wasn’t prepared because he thought he was bigger than what his racial makeup was, which is being a Black Man. A Black Man being put on trial for the murder of two White People. OJ was frustrated at his support system or what he believed to be his support system. OJ was frustrated that White America saw him as a Black Man and not OJ. You know OJ, the man who could light up the room, make people laugh, have spectators engage in his energy and charisma. No OJ, you became a black dude on trial and a nigger to many. This is why OJ Simpson has always been the frustrated negro and the poster child for this terminology.

As I stated earlier, you can’t talk American History and not talk Race. As a black person, you are looked at as a black person first, and then your social status. To forget this reality is like forgetting how to tie your shoes. You might trip and bust your head. There are Black People who act as if being “BLACK” is not a great thing or enough. There are Black People who act as if our history only revolve around Slavery, Civil Rights and maybe getting a good job. There are Black Men who look at Black Women like they aren’t on the same level as Women from other races. There are Black Women who look at Black Men like they aren’t enough or they are beneath other races of Men. There is a disconnect with some Black People. Some Black People are frustrated when they aren’t accepted by White People the way they think they should be. Some of these individuals sense of pride rest on this acceptance. There is a segment in our community who feel that if they work a certain job, listed in a certain tax bracket and live in what they call a “White Upscale Community” that they have surely made it. These type of individuals often look down on other blacks. They are often arrogant and condescending with their rhetoric. Maybe we are just frustrated with these type of individuals. OJ Simpson reminds me of this mentality. OJ Simpson is set to be released from prison for his 2007 Robbery arrest in October. Once again, I saw Black People on Social Media happy for him. If only OJ Simpson truly understood how some Black People have been riding for him since 1994, even though the love has not been mutual.


Jeru The Damaja - Tha Frustrated Nigga

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