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Beyoncé: A STAR visible beyond The Milky Way

The legend of Beyoncé was carefully crafted, groomed and nurtured since her early childhood years. I’m sure we’ve all seen various documentaries and programs showcasing artist, entertainers and athletes training, while other kids played with toys and did things that kids traditionally do for excitement. The pressure to be great started immediately for Beyoncé. Mathew Knowles, Floyd Mayweather Sr., Joe Jackson and Richard Williams each saw a talent and gift their children possessed. Their own personal ambition, love and determination also played a part in the process that would change pop culture in America. I mean, the world will never be the same. Well, that would be my take off of pure observation from a distance. With that being said, child prodigies often hit a glass ceiling and never reach the clouds, stars and moon that so many desired for them to reach. In the case of Beyoncé, she reached far galaxies and solar systems that went beyond the destinations of most. Beyoncé has traveled around the universe.

For an artist to have the ability to maintain relevancy for decades is an amazing accomplishment. Beyoncé has done so with what appears to be a stringent work ethic. Throughout the years I started to see Beyoncé in the same vein as Tina Turner. Beyoncé can sing and is very underrated vocally in my estimation but what makes her more appealing is her stage performance. The energy is reminiscent of James Brown, Michael Jackson and of course, Tina Turner. I truly believe Beyoncé will perform deep into her 70’s if she is alive and healthy enough to do so. You can see the ambition in her eyes. On a side note, I also find it very dope ( my hip hop lingo) that Beyoncé’s mother name is Tina as well. Is this some type of foreshadowing or something? I mean, it’s crazy that the person Beyoncé is compared to on many levels is Tina Turner. Maybe Matthew and Tina Knowles knew something we didn’t. Maybe there is some science behind this or a coincidence and nothing more. Maybe I’m just reaching as a Blogger who is simply attempting to connect some dots with sheer imagination. Either way, Beyoncé has shown a resilience and passion that will more than likely last a lifetime.

Given her upbringing, Beyoncé was destined to become a star. Some families will not be denied their place among the elite. Her parents laid the foundation for her to at least have the opportunity to be great. Since 1997, Beyoncé has been on the scene making hits. This gives her 20 years thus far as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child and as a solo artist with hits, accolades and financial security. Before stardom, Beyoncé competed in talent shows, auditions and various performances before she was 12 years of age. This work ethic started young and transitioned into her later teens and adulthood, not missing a beat. On the road to becoming a legend, there is no time to waste and there will be obstacles. Her rise had plenty bumps and turbulence but finding a way to sustain with dignity has been one of her greatest achievements in my opinion. Also, outside of one public incident involving her sister, she has remained pretty consistent about personal matters that were in her control. Beyoncé wanted to share her art and performances more than providing fans with Reality TV nonsense. I admit, I’m not the biggest Beyoncé fan in the World but I totally respect her grind. I do like some of her songs and of course she is easy on the eyes for most men. To be honest, I prefer Janet Jackson but that is not a knock at all. With music, it’s all about preference. There is no right or wrong in the grand scheme of things.

Great artist transform throughout their careers with no apology. Beyoncé transitioned from the pretty lead singer of an R&B girl-group to a sexy solo artist. After releasing a string of party-dance tracks and empowering songs for women, she dived into a revolutionary mindset. In 2016, 19 years into her career, Beyoncé showed she could go deep beneath the surface of just “party songs” and dip into the consciousness of Black America. I mean, she performed Formation at the Super Bowl. There have been critics who feel Beyoncé is all gimmick and no substance but I beg to differ. I simply view her as an artist who grew up and started to exhibit an artistic evolution.

Beyoncé never lost herself within her fame, marriage to Jay-Z, family matters or whenever music shifted. You have to survive with the times. Beyoncé has done so gracefully while empowering Women and young girls with confidence, determination and self-awareness. I had no idea Beyoncé would remain relevant for 2 decades and it appears that she is here to stay. Beyoncé turned out to be more than a pretty face that would be here today and gone tomorrow. Beyoncé is the greatest artist of this generation at this point. There is no artist (Male or Female) that has impacted popular music since the turn of the century as much as Beyoncé. As a Singer, Performer, Actress, Writer, Wife, Mother, and Friend, Beyoncé has remained true to herself and the art of music. I believe it’s safe to say that we might not see another Beyoncé for the next 30-50 years. Stars don’t fall into our atmosphere often so when it happens, we have to appreciate the brightness it shares.

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