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Professional Sports are NOT equivalent to SLAVERY

America is one of the most complex nations on earth and a melting pot of cultures. Race Relations can be a rocky and sensitive subject. A lot of wombs have yet to heal and this is a reality we must face. This year in Sports we see numerous fundamental differences with "Big Business" like athletes of the past. This has lead many into the idea that Professional Sports have a Slave element to it. Naturally, my thoughts are all over the place so bare with me as I proceed. Slave auctions were nothing like the NFL, NBA or MLB Drafts held annually in the United States. How do I know? Well, the invention of photography is truly a beautiful creation. See, I went back and viewed several pictures this evening in regard to Slavery as I started jotting a collection of thoughts down on paper. The very notion of anything being compared to Slavery is beyond frustrating in my personal opinion. We will revisit the “slave auction” narrative that I’ve read over the years in comparison to athletes at some point in this blog. I don’t know how long Slavery has existed on earth because history is constantly distorted, re-written, and adjusted to fit the comfort of the narrators. What I do know is Slavery is one of the most treacherous human acts ever in any society, especially ones of African descent. During the 18th and 19th Centuries here in America, Africans worked, entertained, and were forced to sexually please their “Masters” in whatever way ordered. In some cases, the “BIG SLAVE” men had to wrestle each other for “Sport”, which was pleasing to the Slave Owners and audiences. The degrading and dehumanization was at an all time high. There was no such thing as “options” in this regard. Survival was the number one objective for Africans, or African Americans, whatever label make sense to you.