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Phil Collins-Appreciation #Throwback

Man, I love Phil Collins. Allow me express this sentiment real quick. Phil Collins has such a unique style and voice. You know it’s a Phil Collins track immediately. Whether it was his solo work or group work with Genesis, he never compromised his creativity. I also enjoyed the way his videos were. I felt they were personable and he never tried to be bigger than the actual song. Phil Collins never tried to do too much. Between Genesis and individual work, the productions of the albums were always top notch and the music was epic.

From 1968 until the present day, Phil Collins still performs and is received by diehard fans and even casual fans. With 8 solo projects and 15 with Genesis, his music will live on for generations. To be honest with you, I’ve actually never heard anyone say they didn’t like or at least appreciate Phil Collins. Man, I wish I could have seen him live in the 80’s.

Phil Collins also appears to be a cool dude as well. I've never heard anyone say he was hard to work with, egotistical or a similar "God Complex" that some legends might display. Mr. Collins even appreciates a little Hip Hop. I remember watching the UNSUNG episode on TV One of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and they sampled a Phil Collins song. Bone Thugs song "Home" off their 2002 album Thug World Order features Phil Collins and he even agreed to be in the video. They shot the video in England, which is Collins hometown and where he lived at the time of the recording. Bone Thugs stated that he was just a down to earth individual and there were no headaches with the sample clearance process. They affectionately called him "Phil Bone" on the video set because they liked him so much.

Ok, so what was the purpose of this short thread? Well, for you to go back and listen to the great work of Phil Collins. What is your favorite Phil Collins and/or Genesis song? I love so many of his songs but as I type this post, I’m listening to “I Don’t Care Anymore”. We appreciate you Mr. Collins.


“Easy Lover”

“Take Me Home”

“Two Hearts”

"Don't Lose My Number"


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