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Every Musician is NOT a LEGEND

The word “Legend” or Legendary is often thrown around casually. Over the years the very term has been watered down. Fans now equate legendary with artist or albums they personally love but the criteria that warrant legendary status is often missing in my humble opinion. Being famous doesn’t mean an artist is a legend. In each genre of Music there are individuals and groups that set a standard of excellence. This excellence often influence artist and fans for generations. We know that music fans can be emotional as people feel a “connection” to their favorite artist. Objectivity is often missing in discussing music but I always attempt to stay in the middle without bias.

When I think of legends names such as Duke Ellington, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, LL Cool J, Madonna and Prince come to mind. So, my criteria for a LEGEND is going to be tougher than most people. To me, you have to be 20 years in your genre with influence, success, and a direct impact on peers. Yes, there are exceptions to all rules! Yes, there are artist like Jimi Hendrix (27 years old), Buddy Holly (22 years old) & Biggie Smalls (24 years old) who died early in their careers. Yes, most people in each genre of music they represent consider them legends. There is a reason why The Rolling Stones are legends and not Tears for Fears. Tears for Fears were a great group in the 1980’s and have songs that we still enjoy today. They had a nice run of 4 albums that charted. On the other hand, The Rolling Stones discography showcases 26 albums that have charted and span over 40 years. That’s the difference between a great group that I love and a “Legendary” group that I recognize.