Apr 4, 2018

Death of a King & The Poor People’s Campaign





Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated 50 years ago today on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was there to support the ongoing Sanitation Workers’ Strike, the impetus of which was the deaths of Echol Cole and Robert Walker, who were crushed by a defective garbage barrel on the back of an antiquated truck. Furthermore, Black workers were paid less than their White peers and were generally subjected to hazardous working conditions, similar to what caused the untimely demise of both Mr. Cole and Mr. Walker.


While Dr. King is best known as the face of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950's and 1960's, a facet of his legacy does not get a great deal of publicity is the fact that he was an extremely unpopular figure in America – a Gallup poll taken in 1967 showed that of those that participated in the survey, 63% held a negative view of him. At this juncture in his life, he had shifted his focus to becoming an outspoken critic of the Vietnam War and kicked off a new initiative termed the Poor People’s Campaign.


The Poor People’s Campaign was a vehicle through which Dr. King sought to shed light on human rights concerns in America – not only for Black people but for all people with the goal of the diminishment and ultimate eradication of crushing poverty and economic inequality. It is my view that his high-profile stance against the War in conjunction with his efforts to bring a multicultural coalition to bear is ultimately what cost him his life.


Speaking from a present day perspective and the polarized society in which we currently reside, I firmly believe that there is more that unites us vis-à-vis things that cause division. While we have serious issues that pervade the very fabric of the country – I think that at the root, we all desire the same things for ourselves and our loved ones. We want access to equal opportunities (economic and otherwise), safe neighborhoods and schools for our children and the ability to be judged on the merits of our character (or lack thereof) as individuals. I long for the day when a movement will occur that is reflective of a true multicultural cross-section that will drive progress – I’ve taken notice of a burgeoning effort by the brave young people that comprise Generation Z. Time will tell if they are the group that will ultimately pick up the baton from Dr. King.


Ray Wiley, Blogger

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  • T-Hanes
    Nov 8, 2017

    This is not an article or blog. I repeat, this is not an article or blog. I have some thoughts that came to mind so I would like to ramble for a few minutes. This post is straight off the top of my head as I'm literally typing as thoughts formulate from within. The Black Community is consistently under attack and the purpose of these thoughts are not to attack our community. I would like to simply pose a few questions and share my perspective for healthy dialogue. I also have no hidden agenda or any intention of insulting or disrespecting any readers. I was on Social Media during lunch today as I work one day per week at my home office. For whatever reason earlier, I saw a lot of people talking about doing things "Alone" in regard to raising kids. Many of these individuals appeared to have posted their remarks with "Pride", while others appeared to show a degree of "Frustration" with regard to the task of Parenthood, more importantly single parenthood. Is Single Parenthood an epidemic in the Black Community? Over the years various reports (2011) have estimated that roughly 72% of Black Babies are born to unwed Mothers. There are historians that researched the start of what they considered to be the breakdown of the Nuclear Family within the Black Community. Studies have been debated by Scholars relating Black Poverty with the instability of the Black Family Structure. There is also evidence of Government Programs that encouraged the flight of Black Men, meaning Government assistance would be granted to the Women and Children. I have also heard the debate(s) of Black Crime Rate started to rise Nationally as Single Parenthood gradually increased. Now, as I've stated in many of Articles (Generational Curse, The Black Church and others), we know that Housing Discrimination, Systematic Racism, and The War on Drugs each played a part in how some of our conditions manifested. This goes without saying but there are levels to our situation, and a Civil War of philosophies behind it. As I sit here in deep thought, I remember how challenging single parenthood was for several people very close to me. I remember the emotional and financial struggles and hurdles raising a child alone created for them. How did we get to this point? Outside of factors that were never in our control, what are we doing to build and repair the Nuclear Family again? Do we feel a Mother and Father in a Household is not important? Do other races and cultures within our American Society hold Marriage, 2 Parent Households and 2 Parent Incomes to a higher level of importance than Black Americans? When I say Mother and Father, I'm not talking about "Biological", I'm talking a Man and a Woman raising a Family as a "Unit." If it happens to be biological, that's fine as well. The old saying is a Woman can't "Raise" a Man and a Man can't "Raise" a Woman. People will debate this statement as we have some single parents who have done a remarkable job with their kids. My positions is not to knock great parents. Ok, what are your thoughts so far? The Black Community is complex. We have been at war with The United States of America for hundreds of years. No, this isn't shock value or hyperbole within this comment. It's true on many levels just look at our Judicial System, but I digress. At any rate, there are various ways to look at this subject. We can be angry by failed relationships. We can be angry by our irresponsible decisions with regard to not taking the necessary precautions. We can educate our community on getting this percentage down and build more "Families" in the future. These are random thoughts as I type away. Let me also state that plenty of mature adults do a remarkable job Co-Parenting. I felt the need to state this reality. Now, we do have our dysfunction as well. Should a Black Man have kids by 3-4 Women? Should a Black Woman have kids with multiple Men? No, I don't care about the "Family Structure" of other races. My attention is on Black People as charity stars at home. I will admit that when you drive through Upper Middle Class to very well off Communities you will see a common theme. You will see, a "Team." Peace Tony Hanes, Da Dome
  • T-Hanes
    Oct 19, 2017

    "Each time we learn how to play the game, the rules change.” #Thanes When I look deep into my Family Tree, there is a lot of triumph, pain, elation and dysfunction. As I further dissect the Bloodline that created my existence, I truly understand obstacles and challenges we faced leading up to the present moment. I see the complexity and conditions left by Slavery, Black Codes, Reconstruction, Jim Crow, Housing Discrimination, Corporate Racism and of course the 80’s Drug Laws. I am a product of American History. My Family is a product of American History and soldiers in a War of Inequality that assisted in creating “Generational Curses.” There are always casualties in conflicts. Family members that came before us were forced to be on the Front Lines of oppression. Sacrifices had to be made for us to be in the professional positions many of us are fortunate to be in at this point and time in history. Unfortunately, some conditions we endured as a race still haunt us. I call them “Generational Curses” because our culture was poisoned by racism and hate, which led to a matrix of suffering. Throughout the years The Black Family and Community has been crippled yet we still manage to achieve. We learn to achieve in spite of the hand that have been dealt. Each time we learn how to play the game, the rules change. America is like a game of Chess. You have to know how to adjust. In life we have to make changes or get lost in the Tornado of American Politics. You have to learn the game. You have to play the game. There is power in unity and this starts within your immediate Family, Home and then Community. A weak community has weak family structures outside of something obvious like Poverty. Starting within your own Family and pushing progressive thinking is a challenge within itself. You will have to break some “Generational Curses” and by doing so, there will be Family Members who will be offended. We have Families with various dysfunctions and the brave soldiers will have to be strong enough to break mentalities, behaviors and a way of life that has been accepted as normal over the years. I believe it’s safe to say that many of our Families are riddled with Alcoholism, Drugs and other Addictions. We also have situations where our children are sexually abused by a family member and people stay quiet about these criminal acts. How many black children hold this pain internally until adulthood? The answer is plenty according to research. Yes, all races face these realities but this post is about our Family. We have to address the "bad apples" in our Families. At any rate, we also suffer from bad financial management. As we start to work towards a cure for “Generational Curses”, you will have to confront love ones. An example is Life Insurance and the serious issue that this has been for generations in the black community. There is nothing more embarrassing than seeing a Go Fund Me to cover Funeral expenses. We are better than this Black People. I honestly believe every working adult in the Black Family should have Life Insurance, Retirement, and an Investment Portfolio even if you can only afford a few dollars per month. We have to speak out against our shortcomings. As I conclude this collection of thoughts, I would be negligent if I didn’t acknowledge how amazing a lot of our families are in the grand scheme of things. The Black Family has been in a Civil War against The United States Government for hundreds of years. This War created “Generational Curses” but it’s up to us to educate our Family, address and face dysfunctions and work through them. It is our responsibility at this point. We can’t assume Democrats, Republicans or anyone for that matter is going to truly put us in a position to obtain power, economic independence and a stronger Family bond. At the end of the day, we owe our ancestors who died on the front lines for us to do better. Our room and margin for error is slim to none. We have to start using our Family Reunions as Workshops to discuss Business Development, Financial Literacy, Credit Advisory and mentoring the youth so unnecessary cycles can be broken. We are the soldiers of America and the fight continues. We must remember that charity starts at home. PEACE Photo: The Library of Congress
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